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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Cat Furniture

People today are willing to accommodate a lot of pets and cats are among the most common in households. Cats are not complicated and will need very little from you which is why even people with busy schedules are keeping them. One easy way for you to improve your cats’ quality of life is buying them appropriate furniture.

Giving your cat its own space is essential because cats are very territorial. You need to buy furniture that allows your cat to play, nap and perch all at once. Getting your cat its own furniture to play with will also improve the quality of your life because you will no longer have to deal with shredded furniture every time you come home. Cat furniture shopping can be challenging if you do not know what to look for. This article aims at guiding every cat owner on how to go about choosing appropriate cat furniture.

You should start by looking at your cats’ qualities. Some of these crucial qualities include your cat’s size, age, activity level and climbing ability. Get your cat a tall multi-layered tree if it enjoys climbing. Old cats will prefer furniture with easily accessible sleeping spots. Trees with a number of enclosed cubbies are best for cats that enjoy hiding. Furniture that comes with hanging toys is the best for kittens since they are playful. If you have more than one cat, look for furniture with a lot of space so all your cats can have their individual scratching and sleeping spots.

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the sturdiness of a cat’s furniture. Since a lot of cats enjoy jumping, you need to make sure you buy furniture with strong surfaces. If you buy weak furniture, your cat will never agree to use it. Your main focus should be cat furniture strength rather than its aesthetic appeal.

Another factor that you need to consider is cat furniture design. There are very many cat furniture designs in the market today and with the right research, you will find a design that works for you. Ensure that you pay attention to a cat tree’s size and functionality when shopping for cat furniture. The right cat furniture will have a lot of hiding spots if your cat enjoys hiding. Buy a tall cat tree if your cat enjoys bird watching and have it placed in front of a window.

Your cat’s preferences when it comes to scratching surfaces should also influence the kind of furniture you opt for. Some of the most preferred scratching surfaces are wood, sisal and carpet. If you are not sure of what your cat likes, then choose cat furniture with a lot of different options.

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